Wong Man Hang, Tony

Full-stack developer

  • Software Engineer, Google
  • Vice-chairperson, Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics Organizing Committee
  • Previously: Founder of Microtivity Electronics Limited and Cheerclan Limited

HKOI Online Judge

  • Jan 2015 - Current
  • judge.hkoi.org (login required)
  • PHP, C++, Amazon Web Services, Docker

New training platform completely re-designed for the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics training team. Students can try to solve programming problems and their source code will be judged automatically. Over 2000 students from 50 schools in Hong Kong use the platform every year. The system is still being actively developed.

DSE Exercises

A set of programming exercises designed for students taking the programming module in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, Information and Communication Technology. Teachers can use the resources to teach algorithms and data structures.

Microtivity Electronics Limited

Founded in 2011, Microtivity Electronics is currently a major hobby electronic components seller on Amazon.com. Offers more than 200 products ranges from LED to switches. We have sold to more than 100,000 customers and achieved >99% positive feedback rate. Microtivity is a registered trademark in Hong Kong and the United States.

URF Play Styles

Winning entry of the Riot Games API Challenge. URF Play Styles compares the win rate and adoption rate of individual champions under different play styles in normal games and Ultra Rapid Fire mode games. Champions were clustered into 5 groups (play styles) using k-means clustering. Players' builds were then categorized into one of the 5 play styles based on similarity.

This was my first experiment on machine learning since I took the Machine Learning MOOC by Stanford which I highly recommend.

Play Avenue

Cheerclan Limited was founded with a university classmate of mine. The product was Play Avenue, a mobile game review Android app. A new game review was posted every day. The company was graduated from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Incu-App programme. We were also one of the finalists in the 2013 HKUST Entrepreneurship Competition.


A program written in C and assembly to demodulate AM channels received by USB TV (RTLSDR) dongles. Using Raspberry Pi's GPU, multiple channels can be decoded at the same time using Fast Fourier Transform despite its limited CPU computation power. SSE and AVX instructions are also heavily utilized in Window's version to achieve speedups. Squelch and automatic gain control (AGC) are included. The decoded audio can be streamed to a Shoutcast/Icecast server.

FlightRadar24 VHHH Overlay

A JavaScript bookmarklet to add a overlay onto FlightRadar24.com. By just clicking on the bookmarklet, air traffic routes, significant points and weather radar surrounding Hong Kong can be added to the map view. This enables aviation lovers and plane spotters to learn about air traffic control.


My project for AngelHack Hong Kong Fall 2013. Using simple electronic components, the iPod can be used to measure resistance and voltage (but not current) like a digital multimeter. We wrote an iOS app which measures the audio port signal level and converts that into the value. We were one of the 12 teams that were selected to demo to the audience.

Season 3 Item Shop Simulator

To help League of Legends players familiarize themselves with the new item shop interface, I created a web-based simulator. Features such as filtering and search were also implemented. More than 500,000 users used the simulator and it received more than 3000 upvotes on Reddit.

HKUST Class Schedule and Quota

This site was written in the summer before my final year and it aims to assist HKUST students to look for classes and as a complement to the new Student Information System (SIS). Originally it works by scrapping content from the SIS. The project is so well received by the students that it catches the school's attention. It was eventually migrated to use data directly from the database. Copyright and right of use transferred to HKUST.

How Fast Can You Type A-Z?

  • Aug 2009
  • Flash, PHP

A Facebook single player game. Challenge yourself by typing A to Z five times and your average speed will be measured. The game went viral and attracted over 3 million players and was played for more than 15 million times globally. Someone even created a cheat for the game! It was my first time to use a cloud server. The game was hosted on a single instance with 1GB RAM.